Hello, I’m Suchi - A digital designer, doodler and part-time daydreamer living in Dubai.

I doodle daily (well almost). Check out the series of illustrations on my socials called ‘my kind of happy’ – A bunch of happy, yellow balloons indulging in the little-big joys of everyday. Share your kinda happy with me I will draw it too!

For my Etsy & Little Majlis store I draw people, pets, objects and their stories – Simple, quirky and all fun.

You can connect with me on Facebook, Insta and Twitter anytime of the day. More about me in the FAQs below.

What other people are saying about my work

“Ugh! My page is full of your yellow balloons. Stop!” – Maria, Ireland (obviously peeved with balloons)

“Who are these people you draw? I swear we are one and the same.” – MomBoss (from Instagram)

“My gf's doodle must have high cheekbones.” – Daisy’s boyfriend who commissioned her doodle

“My friend is big. Her doodle needs bigger b**bs.” Heidi, Dubai (got a farewell doodle made for her friend)


  • If you are living in Dubai & UAE: I draw, print, frame & wrap and deliver.
  • Worldwide: I deliver printables via email that you can get printed from the nearest print store.

Contact me here for a custom drawing.

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Where do you live?

Dubai – Where they erected the world’s tallest building.

Did you study how to draw?

No. I went to Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai (India) and specialized in Web design. Drawing… just happened.

What do you do for a living?

I scribble absent-mindedly. Well, that’s how google defines doodling. Wait… I also freelance for web projects.
Pssst... 15+ years on the Wild Wild Web now :)


What is your medium for drawing?

Digital – The Wacom pen-tablet is my favourite possession. I love the undo key.

Do you draw cats?

Yes. I drew one for 30 nights and 31 days.

How social are you?

2 on 5 - I'm a social introvert (I socialize big time online, only).

What’s your favourite colour?

You will (almost always) see a blue sky in my drawings. So keep guessing.

What’s your starsign?

Aquarius – Dreamy, Lost, Absent minded – Now you see the connection.

You stack quotes on Pinterest. What's your favourite?

"I love asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because I'm still looking for ideas." - read on twitter

What do you do when you are not doodling?

I’m calling for pizza or playing monopoly with my 7yo.

Who are your favourite artists?

Carolyn Gavin, Evelyn Henson, Alisa Burke, Elise Gravel, Sophie Griotto… I can go on but I got things to tick off my to-do list. See ya!