10 best handwritten fonts for free

You must've noticed, I use a lot of handwritten fonts across my blog. Well, I love Calligraphy and that is on my next list of things-to-learn. While most Calligraphic fonts are expensive to buy, here is my list of 10 best and FREE fonts that you can download and use for almost anything. Click on the font of your choice to visit the download page*. Enjoy!

1. Bromello

2. Watermelon Script

3. Blacksword

4. Marriage Moment

5. Alicia on the enchanted Highlands 

6. Stackyard

7. Signarita Zhai

8. Always Forever

9. Easy Rider

10. Cinnamon Cake

Tell me your favourite pick from the list above or do you have more to add to the font library? I would be super glad to include them. Comment below and let the font lovers know.

Note: Though most of the fonts are free for personal and commercial projects, please read through the Author's note on the website.

* This page contains links to some of my most trusted websites. However, my Blog cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites.