Printable reminders for a green planet

I often create printable reminders to hang over my desk or my kid's bed - Nice things to remind ourselves of - everyday. Here are two I created over the weekend, a gentle reminder of the bigger home we all live in. These are home-printables and I can change them every once in a while for newer notes. So what do you think? 

Guess what. I have created a 6"x4" note for you. Easy to print at home and it's FREE to download. Frame it, Pin it to your cork board, Put it up on the fridge - any place you like it to be.

Easy instructions

* The download file is in PDF format. Save it to your Device/Computer or Print directly.
* Print it on regular A4 or card stock paper and cut to size. You can use your home printer for the job.
* You may laminate the note to stay longer. Print as many copies as you please.
* Ran into a glitch? Worry not, email me or comment below and I will get it sorted.

Help coming your way! Need to create personalised artwork like this for a kiddy project, personal journal or any other? Email me right away or contact me here.

Like the Reminders? Share these with your friends + family on Facebook, Twitter any other. I'd love to hear from you so don't forget to comment below on how you find these pretty notes.

A Little note: All free printables are for personal use only. Pinning is always welcome and appreciated. Thank you!