How to create a poster in Photoshop in 5 easy steps

Are you looking for a personalized poster that talks of your fabulous summer holiday? Photoshop is the most versatile choice of App for it. In this tutorial I will walk you through Setting up your document - Adding/Editing your picture - Adding text - Hitting Save and we are done! 

All you need is Adobe Photoshop installed on your device and a free 15 minutes of your time. For those new to the App take a look here. You can test the Trial version first before making a purchase (though pricey but it's worth the cost!).

So here we go. 

1. Set up your document

  • Launch Photoshop and start a new document (File/New).
  • Select a standard poster sizes of 8.5” x 11” to begin with.
  • Set the color mode to CMYK with a 300 pixels/inch resolution.

2. Set up a Margin

  • Ctrl+R for Photoshop’s rulers (View/Rulers). I will create a margin of 0.63” for each border to ensure nothing will be cut off after printing.
  • Click on the horizontal and vertical rulers to drag out your guides. Do it for all 4 corners. The most important parts of your artwork must not go beyond the guides.
  • Save your file (File/Save/your folder/yourfilename.psd) on your computer.

3. Insert your holiday image (the best part!)

  • File/Open/Locate your picture and place it in your canvas. Move it around to see the best view within the guides.
  • Adjust the Brightness/Contrast (Image/Adjustments) for a sharp print. 
  • You can apply some cool Filters (Filter/Artistic) to your picture (next tutorial!). Play around for different moods. If you don't like it hit Ctrl+Z to revert to original.

4. Add some text

  • Throw in your favourite travel quote to personalize your poster. Select the T tool from the left-side tool box and click where you wish to insert text on the picture.
  • Play around with the fonts in your library, the font size and color. Click here for my post on where to find some cool hand written fonts for free on the web.
  • Feeling happy with your masterpiece! Hit save (File/Save as/yourfilename.jpg)

5. Print your masterpiece

  • Time to print and frame your artwork and you may use your home printer for the job. For a more professional job save your file (yourfilename.jpg) to a chip and drive off to the nearest printer. I use the HP Color LaserJet Pro for my home printing and it does a fairly good job with color prints.
  • Go to File/Print and you can see a print preview of your poster. Click Print. Voila! Job done.

6. Frame it. Sit back and smile :) I just did!

You can do as many prints as these and change them over time. I am sure you enjoyed the process as much as I did. 

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Not too Photoshop-friendly? No worries. Email me for help if you need to create Posters for yourself or to gift. Head to my SHOP for more such goodies.

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