5 quirky Instagrammers that fuel creativity

Instagram is popular and it is BIG. I love photos, all sorts - and Instagram is a pretty cool tool with its filters et all. But there are some accounts that excite me whenever they pop up in my feed. Out of the 40 that I follow (and adding) here are 5 of the very best I'd like to share with you.

1. Alisa Burke : 18.95K followers

Her account is a visual treat of all things creative. Log in any time of the day and you will be treated to vibrant colors and a very inspiring art-journal page. She also posts weekend outings and adventures with her daughter Lucy which is so enviable ;)

2. tattly : 82.2K followers

This site sells temporary tattoos designed by professional artists and designers and they are all awesome. From black and white to metallic tattlys I want all of them.

3. Carolyn Gavin : 106K followers

An artist who paints flowers amongst many other happy things. It's a joy to see her notebook every morning. If you love gouache and happy colors, follow her account like I do. She is very inspiring!

4. Kim Leuenberger : 29K followers

This young woman travels with her miniature model cars and takes fantastic shots. I am so inspired by her - after my next travel you are sure to see some travelling car shots from yours truly :)

5. Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez : 130K followers

What happens when  a 27-year-old former model and consultant from Belgium travels the world and wants his mum to know that he is fine. Check his account for a hilarious take on saying 'Mom I'm fine'.

That's my list of people I follow - how about yours? Share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and others and comment on yours below.

* All images are from the respective Instagram accounts.