My favourite tools for digital doodles

I enjoy doodling. Not complicated art but the simple stuff. I don't draw much on paper, just a basic sketch to get the frame in place (what face goes where). The computer is where almost all of my work happens. Here are my top 5 resources that help me in the process. I'm happy to share them with you.

1. Good ol' pencil & paper

This is where I start. I love spiral notebooks and a pencil to begin with - Jot down your ideas, draw them, squiggle em' - Edit, erase, sleep over and finally head to your device.


2. Online resources

I'm very inspired by all the fab creators out there - and wonderful folks who share valuable resources for free! Browse Pinterest, Insta, Creative Market and more for great ideas before you start that project. It's always pays to learn from the experts. For Fonts I would reccomend 1001 free fonts, (but check on the usage rights before you add them to any project). Try out for quick color scheme generators. Dribble is also a great source for color combos by some very cool designers. For assets like Illustrator brushes, textures, cliparts etc my go-to site is - Free from restrictions and gorgeous stuff available. For a full directory of goodies, check this link here.

Mockups are a great way to present your design - they give your Client a feel of the real thing. Creative Market is a good place to start with if you want to invest in high quality mocks for presentation. Else simply google 'free mockups' and off you go!

TIP: Subscribe to Creative Market's weekly newsletter, they generously share freebies every Monday that are worth a download and add the 'wow' to your project.

3. Wacom

One by Wacom is my tool for all my doodles and squiggles. Easy to use, simply plug and play and very smooth. This lets your draw, write and edit and you can easily carry it along wherever you go with your laptop. You can read more about it here.


4. Softwares

Invest in original softwares. I use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator for all the work you see on my site. Totally worth it and once you are hooked to these smarties, you'd never let them go!

5. Google's autodraw

Just when you learn to draw after browsing and bookmarking loads of tutes, Google come up with a smart tool that gives your squiggles a perfect shape. What better, it suggests you options too. How clever is that! Try out Autodraw by Google - I promise you will love it. It's a cool tool to keep kids busy too :)


If you use more/other tools in your drawing process, please do share it with me in the comments below. I'd love to know! If you want to know more about my process, drop in a line here and I will get in touch with you surely.

xoxo suchi