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If you are here to request a custom doodle, skip the form and keep reading. Scroll up to the form once you are done.

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Here's the rather simple process for getting a custom doodle story

1. Mail me a clear pic of you and the people/pet you want me to draw. The pic is for skin/hair color reference only. NO portraits here, just fun, joyful faces like my style. Don't forget to include names/message to add onto the drawing - Nice touch!

2. My story doodle drawings have your favourite objects - Books and travel or Coffee and chocolates, make sure you mention it all in your mail. Make your story quirky ;)

3. I will mail you a preview drawing and you may suggest edits or say 'perfect!' (the magic word). 


Go big or Go small. You decide.

While A4 works great for upto 5 faces, upsize to A3 for gift prints - bigger story = more fun! Single face? I say go for the sweet postcard print.

4. When you say the magic word, I run to the printer and get your drawing professionally printed on high quality photo paper (250 GSM, blah blah - You needn't know all this). I frame your drawing is our very favourite IKEA frame and ... now for the best part, I wrap it in ... Surprise! 
HINT: Think of the song 'these are a few of my favourite things'. Get it?

5. Buy me cinnabon & coffee - You can pay me via online banking or COD (when your drawing arrives) - I leave that to you. My charges? It depends on the number of faces and canvas size you want me to draw on. I normally draw for size A4 - that fits in upto 5 faces pretty neatly. I've done A3 too that fit in 20 faces, phew! We can discuss this over mail, right!

6. Receive. Unwrap. Smile. Put it over your desk or add to your memory wall coz #memoriesmatter. Awesome isn't it! Ummm, don't forget to share it on your socials and tag me @thelittle.bigs on Instagram. Tell your dearies about me, I know you will - Now find me doing a happy dance on my InstaStories coz HEY! YOU'VE BEEN AWESOME in supporting small biz!


Folks love my brown paper wrap

It's plastic free and you can reuse it to scribble your grocery lists.

7. For people worldwide - Skip step 4 and pay me via Paypal - I will mail you a print-ready printable (PDF) that you can get printed at a print store. Make sure you ask me for a printer/paper recco.

Got more Q's? Scroll up and fill that form and let's start a convo. I'm waiting to hear from ya!