Hello! Please fill out the form below or email me at I'll do my best to get back to you within 48 hrs Sunday through Sunday *Wink* 

If you are here to request a custom doodle, skip the form and keep reading. Scroll up to the form once you are done.

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On popular demand, I am listing out the rather simple process for getting a custom doodle in Dubai/UAE.

1. Mail me a clear pic of you and the people/pet you want me to draw. The pic is for skin/hair color reference only. NO portraits here, just fun, joyful faces that you see on my Instagram. Don't forget to include names/message to add onto the drawing - Nice touch!

2. My story doodle drawings have your favourite objects - If you love wild, loud music or a bottomless coffee mug, make sure you mention it all in your mail. Make your story quirky ;)

3. I will mail you a preview drawing in 3-4 days. You can suggest me edits or you can say 'perfect!' (the magic word). 

4. When you say the magic word, I rush to the printer and get your drawing professionally printed on high quality photo paper (250 GSM, blah blah - You needn't know all this). I frame your drawing is our very favourite IKEA frame and ... now for the best part, I wrap it in ... Surprise! 
HINT: Think of the song 'these are a few of my favourite things'. Get it?

5. Buy me cinnabon & coffee - You can pay me via online banking or Cash on delivery (when your drawing arrives) - I leave that to you. My charges? It depends on the number of faces and canvas size you want me to draw on. I normally draw for size A4 - that fits in upto 5 faces pretty neatly. I've done A3 too that fit in 20 faces, phew! We can discuss this over mail, right!

6. Mention your Dubai/UAE add & contact number in your mail once you say YAAS! to the preview. Then make sure you answer the call when the courier boy dials to deliver your doodle :) 


7. Unwrap & smile. Put it over your desk or add to that memory wall coz #memoriesmatter. Awesome isn't it! Ummm, don't forget to share it on your socials and tag me @thelittle.bigs on Instagram. Tell your dearies about me, I know you will - Now find me doing a happy dance on my InstaStories coz HEY! YOU'VE BEEN AWESOME in supporting small biz!

8. For people worldwide - Skip step 4 and pay me via Paypal - I will mail you a print-ready printable (PDF) that you can get printed at a print store. Make sure you ask me for a printer/paper recco.

Clear? Got more Q's? Scroll up and fill that form and let's start a convo. I'm waiting to hear from ya!